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Exploring the hills and dales of Britain is my passion. I’ve had the good fortune to make it my business.

I love being out in the hills, feeling the wind and weather, seeing the views and exercising mind and body. But I also love turning these experiences into physical form. The pictures I sell are all made by myself, doing my own printing, cutting my own mounts, putting them into frames. I care very much about each picture I make and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them.

If you’d like to order a print, book a workshop or talk to me about my work you can reach me via:

Phone: 01925 757 034 or 07934 68 44 67

email: artoflandscapephoto@gmail.com

facebook: @artoflandscapephoto

twitter: @ascaptured

instagram: @artoflandscapephoto

You can read about my trips to the hills on my blog – anthonyshaughnessy.wordpress.com

You can see my work in person by coming to see me at one of the events I’ll be attending.