Introduction to Landscape Photography

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners who want to learn the basics of camera work in the landscape.

In this one day workshop we’ll be out on location taking photographs and learning basic use of the camera and composition. We’ll start in a convenient cafe to introduce the day and ourselves. A short introduction to some of the concepts we’ll start with and some simple practical demonstrations over a cup of coffee, then we’ll move out to our chosen location nearby. Throughout the day we’ll mix theory with practice. You’ll be able to ask questions at any time so you’ll never feel left behind.

For this workshop I assume you’re familiar (though not expert) with:

  • The basic operation of your camera to take a picture in Auto-mode – auto-exposure and auto-focus.
  • How to set aperture, shutter speed, and focus point, though you may not know what to use them for or what effect they have.

We will cover:

  • Judging optimum exposure
  • Controlling exposure using aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity
  • Elements of image quality
  • Achieving sharpness and sources of unsharpness
  • Controlling focus and depth of field
  • Composition techniques and learning to view a scene
  • Use of colour and white balance
  • Understanding the quality of the light
  • RAW format vs. JPEG
  • Using tripods, filters, camera presets and art modes
  • A quick overview of post-processing using Adobe Lightroom to get the best from your shots

Depending on time of year and the weather we’ll try and end the day with some sunset shots.

Any kind of camera is OK but you’ll get most out of the day if your camera has the basic manual controls of setting aperture, shutter speed and focus point. You don’t need a tripod or filters or any other special gear but if you have them then by all means bring them.

Duration: 8 hours from meeting to departing

You will need to bring:

  • Your camera. Instruction book if you have it.
  • Bad weather gear – waterproofs, warm layers, etc. We’ll be outside all day. Sun cream and sun hat in summer.
  • Walking boots.
  • Packed lunch, water, tea/coffee – enough for an eight hour day outside.


  • Tripod, filters, extra lenses
  • Something to sit on during breaks (e.g. sit mat)

We won’t be walking any great distances but you will need to be able bodied to move around the locations over possibly rough ground. We may cover just a few miles over the course of the day. We’ll choose the location depending on weather and season and we’ll aim to run the course in most weathers except solid rain or if the forecast is exceptionally severe.